Online Prerequisites: Faculty-Led Instruction

Quality, Flexibility, Support, and World-Class Faculty

Our online prerequisite courses are not self-paced. They are led by skilled instructors who engage each learner in a community of like-minded learners where they will read, analyze, discuss and apply course information to authentic health care situations. We invite you to learn more about world-class faculty by reading about Sandra Buerger, the director of labs for all of our online science courses.

If you have to take prerequisite courses to apply to graduate school in Genetic Counseling, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physicians Assistant Studies, Speech-Language Pathology, or other health professions, a flexible, online format with instructor-led instruction can be appealing. Because of the quality, flexibility, support, and world-class faculty that characterize our online prerequisites, we’ve experienced both significant growth in enrollments as well as strong student satisfaction.

What are the advantages of learning online?

An online learner:

RECOGNIZES a variety of opportunities for learning: course resources, her colleagues and instructors, and herself.

ORGANIZES his work and manages his time to avoid unnecessary last-minute challenges.

ENGAGES in discussions and other group activities to learn and practice the skills of collaboration that will be required in graduate school.

RECOGNIZES resources and directs her own learning by incorporating feedback and reaching out to instructors, colleagues and course resources for assistance and further growth.

ADVOCATES for himself by asking for help appropriately and learning to use questions to develop dialog with instructors and colleagues.

Why are these skills so important?

The future of health care will require lifelong learners who are able to self-direct and manage time, learn from and collaborate with others, and take leadership roles by advocating for self and others.

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