Communication Sciences and Disorders Mission and Goals


Mission Statement

The Mission of the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) is to prepare students to become speech-language pathologists and educators who demonstrate excellence in clinical practice, and to advance knowledge about human communication and its disorders.

Goals to Accomplish Our Mission

To accomplish this mission, the program has the following goals:

  • Prepare speech-language pathologists and educators who provide state-of-the-art, evidence based, client- and family-centered services to diverse populations in multiple settings
  • Provide an academic and clinical curriculum that: prepares students to become generalist clinicians with comprehensive knowledge and skills in educational and healthcare settings; fosters critical thinking; and promotes the development of leadership skills
  • Implement a scientist-practitioner model of teaching, clinical supervision, and mentorship
  • Engage faculty and students in collaborative interprofessional learning environments
  • Recruit diverse students, faculty and staff
  • Develop and disseminate research in the areas of discovery, teaching and learning, and application
  • Provide affordable, accessible, and quality clinical services to the community
  • Provide the necessary academic and clinical preparation to exceed the standards established by accrediting organizations

Strategic Map

Position the Department for the Future to Graduate Effective Leaders

  1. Complete and approve academic and clinical curriculum modifications to achieve the following:
    • Strengthen both educational and medical components
    • Infuse the Institute’s core competencies throughout the curriculum
    • Explore changing models of clinical education:
      • Assist in the development of the on-site Interprofessional clinics
      • Pilot and evaluate the Spaulding -Institute of Health Professions Comprehensive Aphasia Program (S-IHP’s CAP)
      • Develop one new specialty clinic
  2. Develop new academic programs:
    • Seek approval of a Speech-Language Pathology clinical doctorate program (SLPD)
    • Further plan and then seek approval for a new Master’s degree program ( MS in Moderate Special Needs with an emphasis on Literacy.)
  3. Strengthen alumni relationships:
    • Develop and present two CEU offerings each year
    • Create a departmental Facebook page
    • More fully utilize alumni for student recruitment, as clinical preceptors, for advising on curriculum modifications, and for adjunct teaching
  4. Build enhanced relationship within Partners and other partners:
    • Develop and offer training and leadership opportunities for clinical preceptors
    • Strengthen our relationship with Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  5. Attract and graduate a diverse student body who will become life-long learners:
    • Recruit an increased number of diverse students and faculty
    • Demonstrate a culture of dignity, inclusion, respect
    • Offer educational opportunities in leadership development
    • Expand the Clinical Excellence Curriculum to external clinical practica

Conduct and Disseminate Research/Scholarship

  1. Elevate every faculty member’s scholarship profile through:
    • Support of learning opportunities for scholarship training
    • Provide financial support
  2. Build internal and external collaborations for research and scholarship:
    • Encourage expanded relationships with MIT and Harvard
    • Work with the SHRS to build Centers of Excellence in targeted areas.

Expand Community and Global Opportunities

  1. Expand affordable, accessible and quality clinical services to the Charlestown community and beyond:
    • Assist in the development of the on-site Interprofessional clinics
  2. Introduce a global component for students and faculty:
    • Develop an educational experience to a Spanish-speaking location (e.g. Puerto Rico)
    • Increase CSD student participation in existing International Innovation Project (IIP)
    • Explore financial support and/or clinical service opportunities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (e.g. work with alumna Amanda Hitchins)

Download a PDF of the 2015-2018 CSD Mission, Goals, and Strategic Map.

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