IHP Leadership Competencies

Over the course of 2016, senior leaders at the Institute participated in a series of two-day leadership workshops. These interactive sessions covered a variety of leadership topics and best practices, and offered leaders the chance to examine their own leadership style, as well as their strengths and areas for improvement, in the spirit of improving individual and collective leadership effectiveness in advancing the Institute’s mission, strategic priorities, and fiscal well-being.

During this year-long process, the group developed a series of IHP Leadership Competencies that embody what we believe are key skills and abilities that IHP leaders need to be successful and to ensure that the Institute continues to prosper in the coming years. These Leadership Competencies provide a roadmap for leaders at all levels of the organization, including those who may not hold a formal leadership position but who daily make a difference to our success as a graduate school of health professions. Some of the Competencies are fundamental expectations of every member of the IHP community while others are intended to be aspirational, recognizing that we each bring different talents and perspectives and fulfill different roles.

The Competencies serve as a benchmark for how we can each grow in our respective roles to maximize the impact of what we do well. The Competencies also will serve as a guide as we develop additional leadership development opportunities for faculty, staff, and administrators in the future.

It is our hope that the Competencies will provide each of you with a helpful personal tool to examine personal areas for continued professional development, anchored in the annual goal setting process as well as professional development planning throughout the year. 

Review the IHP Leadership Competencies Chart in PDF format.

Transformational Leader

  • Aligns people around a vision and common goals to achieve key priorities
  • Sets clear expectations and holds people accountable 
  • Demonstrates emotional intelligence—self-awareness, self-management, and empathy, as well as social skills in managing relationships and building networks
  • Recognizes and develops talent by delegating appropriately and providing mentoring and guidance for team members
  • Empowers others to do and be their best
  • Recognizes and celebrates accomplishments and contributions of individuals, teams, and successes of the IHP


Inclusive Excellence Champion


  • Fosters an equitable, inclusive and welcoming environment within department and IHP community
  • Values and respects each member of the IHP community, regardless of role or individual differences
  • Strives to assure IHP faculty and staff reflect a diverse group of individuals
  • Builds and leverages diverse teams and relationships internally and externally to optimize results
  • Mobilizes the talents and resources of the IHP community to address issues of health disparities and social justice inequities, locally and globally


Relationship Builder Leadership Icon

Relationship Builder


  • Projects an inspiring and persuasive presence
  • Builds and maintains effective working relationships with others internally and externally
  • Maintains an open mind and puts others at ease through effective listening, appropriate use of humor, and consideration of differing points of view
  • Articulates the joint mission (education and health care) of the IHP to a variety of audiences in a way that is informative and inspiring
  • Views situations with objectivity and demonstrates effective conflict resolution skills




  • Recognizes and appreciates the business foundation and fiscal realities of the IHP
  • Appreciates the role and contributions of administrative departments in assuring a strong academic environment, and vice versa
  • Exhibits strength in decision-making using data and metrics to inform action
  • Takes into account the impact of administrative and financial decisions on the academic enterprise
  • Builds and strengthens external relationships that enhance the IHP’s mission and strategic goals


Agile Learner Leadership Icon

Agile Learner and Innovator


  • Moves nimbly from a 30,000 foot view to ground level and back again
  • Continually explores and expands understanding of the landscape of higher education and health care and the drivers that affect each
  • Supports a culture of innovation, encouraging individual and group risk-taking
  • Conveys curiosity and an appropriate sense of urgency in anticipating and addressing macro trends and issues of importance to the success of the IHP