IHP News Standards and Guidelines

IHP News Standards and Guidelines

Deadline: Noon on the weekday before publication

To increase timeliness and readership, we ask that you follow the procedures and policies outlined below.

Left justified block format (please do not center), black font, Arial, size 12 sent with the text inside the email, not in an attachment. No attachments (graphics or documents) will be included with messages. Messages should be no longer than 100 words.

IHP News is sent Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons. Sending a single set of news items three times per week allows us to reduce the number of emails sent to the community. Messages involving an upcoming event or deadline can be sent once per week, and recurring messages can be sent once per month.

Stand-alone messages are reserved for information from the President’s and Provost’s offices or messages regarding safety. For example, an initial message on a senior candidate search would be sent as a standalone; follow-up messages would be handled through the IHP News. On a limited basis, stand-alone messages can be sent on high-priority issues that are cleared though the Office of Strategic Communications.

Submission deadline:
Please submit news items by Noon. on the day before publication. Only a limited number of staff has access to send messages, and we need time to read, review, approve, format, and send submissions.

We cannot guarantee that a message submitted on the day of an event will be sent that day. News items should be sent using a Communications ticket.

Items may be edited for style or formatting. Content should be directly related to an approved Institute activity and cannot violate the Institute solicitation policy. Please note in your heading who your message applies to (faculty, staff, students, post docs, or Institute wide).

All content, including dates, times, etc., is the responsibility of the submitter. Please have a colleague proof before sending to ensure accuracy. As a suggestion, include the 5 Ws (Who, What, When, Where, Why). Please include a contact name on all announcements and, when appropriate, an email address or page link.

Please consider whether an all-user broadcast is the best method for your news item. Are there other distribution lists that better target your audience?

Contact the Office of Strategic Communications with any questions.