We create knowledge through research. We grow communities by welcoming all who want to learn about and improve healthy behaviors for people with chronic disabling conditions. We collaborate with engineers, medical and behavioral health providers, rehabilitation specialists, students, and community members to positively impact people's lives.

Current Studies

NIH-1R43AG072991-01 Collaboration with Altec, Inc.

side by side images of a man squatting - one looks like real life, one looks like a body scan

Study aims:

  1. to develop a new augmented reality platform that will allow physical therapists to evaluate knee structure and function of adults with painful knee osteoarthritis;
  2. to examine the feasibility of using the augmented reality platform to ascertain five common knee function clinical assessments of people with knee OA.


  • Serge Roy, co-I, Altec, Inc
  • Bhawa Shiwani, co-I, Altec Inc 
  • Julie Keysor, Subcontract PI, MGH IHP
  • Doug Gross, Subcontract Co-I. MGH IHP
  • Chris Clock , Subcontract Co-I, MGH IHP
  • Rania Karim, Subcontract Co-I, MGH IHP
  • Cathy Schmidt, Subcontract Co-I, MGH IHP
white sensor on a wrist looks like a big square watch

(NIH SBIR Phase II 2R44HD084035-04)

Major Goals: Enhance the StrokeWare platform developed in the SBIR Phase I project to foster greater goal directed movement of hemiparetic limbs through enhanced behavior change and technologies to link providers in the clinic to patients in the home setting.


 (NIH SBIR Phase I NIH-1R43AT012003-01)

Study aims:

  1. develop real-time algorithms that can estimate 3D whole-body core and limb movements from a depth- enabled camera while children and adults enact yoga poses used clinically
  2. translate this tracking capability to provide a VR architecture that renders these poses as biomechanically driven whole-body 3D avatars involving two interactive participants, while tracking range of motion and heart/respiratory rate
  3. test the VR prototype among pediatric patients and therapists to demonstrate the feasibility of safely and effectively achieving whole-body yoga poses through immersed interaction. 


  •     Bhawa Shiwani, PI Altec Inc
  •     Julie Keysor, Subcontract PI, MGH IHP
  •     Serge Roy, co-I Altec, Inc
  •     Julie Shulman, co-I, Boston Children’s Hospital

MGH IHP and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Collaborative-Institute Funding

Study aim:

Cohort study on long-term rehabilitation recovery of COVID-19 survivors who were hospitalized and received acute rehabilitation hospital care.


  • Joe Giacino, Spaulding PI
  • Yelena Bodien, Spaulding Co-I
  • Julie Keysor, IHP Co-I

Evidence-based employment retention for people with arthritis and chronic back pain

We are working towards moving an evidence-based program to prevent work disability for people living with arthritis and chronic back pain to practice. Stay tuned!


Developed by Dr. Saralynn Allaire, the WES-RC, is a structured interview tool that rehabilitation professionals can use to identify a patient's arthritis (or other rheumatic condition) related work barriers and facilitate development of solutions for barriers identified. The tool is designed for persons who are currently employed and who are concerned about their ability remain employed due their rheumatic condition.

Access Survey

Developed by Dr. Julie Keysor, the HACE, is a self-report assessment of barriers and facilitators in people’s home and community environments. The survey is designed for use in large epidemiological studies.

Access Assessment Tool