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  • For studies including children: (617) 974-7363

  • For studies including people with aphasia and healthy adults: (617) 724-3824

  • For studies including people with TBI: (617) 643-3245

Mailing Address:
Cognitive Neuroscience Group
MGH Institute of Health Professions
36 1st Avenue
Boston, MA 02129-4557

Lab Location:
Cognitive Neuroscience Group
Center for Health & Rehabilitation Research
Building 79/96, 2nd Floor
13th Street
Charlestown Navy Yard

MapDirections and Parking

Please note that due to the street numbering used inside the Charlestown Navy Yard, Mapquest, Google Maps, other online map services, and your GPS will lead you astray unless you use as your search term: 79 13th Street, Boston, MA 02129.