SAiL Literacy Lab Funding Sources

Current Funding

National Institutes of Health R01 Research Grant (NIH R01 DC106895: Orthography and phonology in word learning as a predictor of dyslexia in children with language impairment, 2018-2023

National Institutes of Health R01 Research Grant (NIH R01 DC010784): Working memory and word learning in children with typical development and language impairment, 2011-2016

Institute of Education Sciences Reading for Understanding Research Initiative (R305F100002): The Language Bases of Reading Comprehension, 2010-2016

Prior Funding

University of Nebraska Great Plains Health Research Consortium Translational Research, Biological pathways in childhood speech and language impairments, 2010-2012

National Institutes of Health Supplement Grant (NIH R03 DC9667-03S1): Supplement R03 to the lexicon and phoneme awareness, 2010

National Institutes of Health R03 Small Grant Award (NIH R03 DC9667): The lexicon and phoneme awareness, 2008-2011

University of Nebraska - Lincoln College of Education and Human Sciences Scholarly Enhancement Research Grant, 2009-2010

American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation New Investigator Research Award: An experimental evaluation of competing phonological awareness treatments, 2007-2009

International Dyslexia Association General Research Grant: Phonological, lexical, and semantic influences on phonological awareness performance, 2007-2008

American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation Multicultural Research Grant: Understanding the Navajo: Language, culture, and people, 2007-2008

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Advancing Academic- Research Careers Award: Mentorship in an early research career with a focus on student research training, 2006-2007, Mentors: Judith Gierut, LouAnn Gerken, & Elena Plante

International Reading Association Jeanne S. Chall Research Fellowship: Emergent phonological awareness: The role of lexical representations, 2005-2006

National Institutes of Health Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NIH F31 DC6749): Lexical representations and phonological awareness, 2004-2006, Co-mentors: Hugh Catts & Holly Storkel

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