We’re beginning a new monthly series called, “The IHP Interview,” a Q&A with a member of the IHP community. 

With March being Brain Injury Awareness month, we caught up with Pauline Fiorello, a 37-year occupational therapist, certified brain injury specialist, and clinical and lab instructor of occupational therapy who works with clients in the Sanders IMPACT Practice Center and patients at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.  

Much of the rehabilitation at the centers within the IPC involves working with patients who have brain injuries. Whether it’s a traumatic brain injury after a fall or an acquired brain injury after a stroke, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech, language, and literacy therapy are offered at the Julie Atwood Speech, Language, and Literacy Center, the Marjorie K. Ionta PT Center for Clinical Education and Health Promotion, the Tabor/Connor Family Occupational Therapy Center for Leaning, Participation, and Rehabilitation, and the Ruth Sleeper Nursing Center for Clinical Education and Wellness.  

The conversation between Pauline Fiorello, OTR/L, CBIS and OSC’s Sean Hennessey has been edited for brevity and clarity.  

pauline talks
"I firmly believe we're a huge contributing factor in healing for people with brain injuries or any other diagnosis," says OT Instructor Pauline Fiorello.