An informal, impartial resource providing confidential support for students.

An Ombudsperson provides students with informal, impartial consultation and assistance addressing various concerns in a voluntary, confidential setting.

The role does not include decision-making or policy-setting for the Institute. An Ombudsperson cannot overrule the decisions or sanctions of IHP judicial boards, appeals committees, or other governing bodies. An Ombudsperson does not offer legal guidance and cannot serve as a student’s advisor during meetings or hearings with Institute faculty or staff. 

If you have questions about Ombudspersons and how this unique role can support your experience at the MGH Institute, please contact us.

How can an Ombudsperson help students?

Are you an IHP student experiencing a difficult relationship or you’re not sure how to resolve a dispute or concern? Speaking with the Ombudsperson can provide you with informal, impartial assistance to address and resolve your concern. This is a voluntary, confidential service available to students in all MGH Institute programs.  

Examples of how the Ombudsperson can support IHP students include:

  • helping students explore their options for submitting a grievance or complaint
  • offer guidance to students seeking conflict resolution
  • advise students on how to prepare for difficult conversations 
  • facilitate difficult conversations when appropriate
  • act as an on-campus mediator for issues between or among students, faculty, or staff  

The Ombudsperson for students resides within the Office of Student Affairs and Services, OSAS, among other resources and specialized staff who support student success and wellbeing. 


To ensure privacy, confidentiality, and a timely response, use our form below.


Request an Ombudsperson Consultation


You will receive an email confirmation of your submission with more information. All requests will be answered within 36 to 48 hours. 

Ombudspersons do not provide emergency response. If you are experiencing an emergency, contact Campus Security or emergency services in your local area.  

Note – IHP faculty and staff seeking Ombuds services are encouraged to contact Human Resources