Logo for the Center for Climate Change, Climate Justice, and Health


Climate change is a growing health concern, a threat to the health of individuals, families, communities, and populations worldwide, that promises to worsen dramatically if left unchecked.

The Center for Climate Change, Climate Justice, and Health at MGH Institute of Health Professions is the first-of-its-kind, nurse-led initiative that focuses on addressing ways all health care professionals can respond to the impact of climate change, and help improve such things as ensuring access to safe drinking water, growing a sufficient amount of healthy food, and creating safe, clean environments that can improve ecosystems.

Several faculty members in the School of Nursing, having recognized very early the significance and impact on the communities we serve, have published books and articles on climate change, and presented at national and international conferences on the subject. 

Our Center’s steering committee includes nurse scholars who, spurred by their passion and their practice and research knowledge, created the Center to tackle these issues head on. Efforts address mitigation, adaptation, and resilience through education, practice, research, and service related to the health effects of climate change.

In creating the Center for Climate Change, Climate Justice, and Health, we have the opportunity to work together in our roles as teachers, clinicians, policy makers, scientists, and environmentalists to address these pressing issues through education, practice, research, and service. 

We invite you to join this mission that will address the world’s single largest issue of the 21st Century.