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Zipcar Program

Currently enrolled students and current permanent employees of the MGH Institute are eligible for discounted rates with Zipcar:

  1. Join Zipcar for a $35 annual fee (regular annual fee is $70)
  2. Join with no application fee (regular application fee is $25)
  3. Receive discounted rates for vehicles used Monday through Friday: Discount is 10% off hourly rates.

Sign up at http://members.zipcar.com/mghihp

For additional plan options that may better fit your needs go to http://www.zipcar.com/check-rates/boston

For more information read Zipcar's brochure (PDF format).

Zipcar Contact Information:

Andrew Lewis
Account Executive, University
35 Thomson Place, Boston, Ma 02210
Office (617) 933-5086  Mobile (617) 862-7948
Email: alewis@zipcar.com