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Racism and Discrimination

  • Talking to Children About Race and Racism
  • Allyship and Accompliceship for Faculty 
  • Allyship and Accompliceship (General)
  • Self-Learning
  • Medical Discrimination
  • Mental Health
  • Cultural Relevance
  • Self Care

Diversity Resources for the Health Professions

  • Communication Science Disorders
  • Nursing
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy

Diversity Issues in Schools

Religious Diversity

Asian American Allyship

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Racism and Discrimination

Talking to Children About Race and Racism

Allyship and Accompliceship for Faculty 

Allyship and Accompliceship (General)


Medical Discrimination

Mental Health

Cultural Relevance

  • Black Facts: Claiming to be the world's largest free archive of black history information, this website has many helpful resources for history educators.
  • African American HistoryThis website provides an African American perspective to historic events, especially the civil war.
  • Entertaining DiversityEntertaining Diversity harnesses the power of diversity to create educational media and live events for a multicultural planet.

Self Care


Diversity Resources for the Health Professions

Partners Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Strategies and resources for Partners HealthCare and its affiliates - including the MGH Institute.  These include:

  • Partners' Policy Statement on Gender Identity/Expression, providing definitions of gender identity/expression and addressing issues of confidentiality and privacy as well as restroom/locker use and insurance. 
  • A Toolkit for Transitioning Colleagues: What you need to know regarding Gender Identity/Expression. The toolkit addresses logistical, practical, and emotional supports for transgender or gender-transitioning staff and their managers and colleagues.

Disparities Solutions Center at Massachusetts General Hospital
The Disparities Solutions Center is dedicated to the development and implementation of strategies that advance policy and practice to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in health care.

Inclusive Forms for LGBT Patients
As part of their International Innovations Project, an interprofessional group of students from the MGH Institute, Seton Hall University, and universities in Denmark and Finland created intake forms and sexual history questionnaires that are inclusive of LGBT patients.

The PCS Diversity Program
The Patient Care Services (PCS) Diversity Program at Massachusetts General Hospital develops short- and long-range strategies to support workforce diversification as a means to best serve the hospital's diverse patient population.

Institute for Diversity in Health Management
The Institute collaborates with educators and health services organizations to expand leadership opportunities to ethnic minorities in health services management.

Cross Cultural Health Care Program
The mission of the Cross Cultural Health Care Program (CCHCP) is to serve as a bridge between communities and health care institutions to ensure full access to quality health care that is culturally and linguistically appropriate.

Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Health Care
PubMed Central® (PMC) is a free full-text archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM).

National Health Law Program
This is a national public interest law firm that seeks to improve health care for America's working and unemployed poor, minorities, the elderly and people with disabilities.

National LGBT Health Education Center
Located at the Fenway Institute, the National LGBT Health Education Center provides many resources such as a glossary of LGBT-related health care terms.

NIH Women in Biomedical Careers
The NIH Working Group on Women in Biomedical Careers is a trans-NIH effort to consider barriers for women in science and to develop innovative strategies to promote entry, recruitment, retention, and sustained advancement of women in biomedical and research careers. You can subscribe online to their electronic newsletter. Here is the April 2015 newsletter and here the index for their newsletter archive.

Communication Science Disorders

ASHA Multicultural Affairs and Resources
The Office of Multicultural Affairs provides resources for both Speech-Language Pathologists as well as potential clients in issues relating to cultural competency and language specific services.

ASHA Funding Opportunities for Multicultural Activities
This is a list of projects that ASHA has funded and a resource for information on how to apply for a grant to receive funding.


American Assembly for Men in Nursing (AAMN) is a national organization, with local chapters, which provides a framework for nurses to meet, discuss and influence factors that affect men in nursing.

National Arab American Nurses Association
The National American Arab Nurses Association (NAANA) is as a voice, a network and a resource for men and women in their pursuit of employment and advancement within the nursing profession.

National Association of Hispanic Nurses
The National Association of Hispanic Nurses' (NAHN) mission is "promoting Hispanic nurses to improve the health of our community." Founded in 1975 the President of the Massachusetts chapter is Rossana Encalada, RN, BS, who works in the Martha Eliot Health Center for Children's Hospital Boston.

National Black Nursing Association
The National Black Nurses Association's mission is to provide a forum for collective action by black nurses to investigate, define and advocate for the health care needs of African Americans and to implement strategies that ensure access to health care, equal to, or above health care standards of the larger society.

Physical Therapy

APTA Policies and Bylaws: Minority Affairs
Scroll down to "Minority Affairs" on the APTA Policies and Bylaws website for APTA bylaws, positions, standards, guidelines, policies, and procedures, as passed by APTA's House of Delegates and Board of Directors, for the topic Minority Affairs. Cultural Competence and health disparities are also addressed here.

Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy Multicultural, Diversity, and Inclusion (MDI) Network 
 A network of independent groups of various diverse identities and affiliations based on race/ethnicity; disability; sexual orientation; and religious affiliation that collectively support the increase of diversity and inclusion in occupational therapy.  

Groups include the Asian/Pacific Heritage Occupational Therapy Association (APHOTA), National Black Occupational Therapy Caucus (NBOTC), Network for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Concerns in Occupational Therapy (The Network), Network of Occupational Therapy Practitioners With Disabilities and Their Supporters (NOTPD), Occupational Therapy Network for Native Americans (OTNA – started by MGH Institute Alum Maggie Connors Deforge), Orthodox Jewish Occupational Therapy Chavrusa (OJOTC), and Terapia Ocupacional para Diversidad, Oportunidad, y Solidaridad (TODOS) Network of Hispanic Practitioners

Justice Based Occupational Therapy
Justice-based Occupational Therapy (JBOT) is a network of occupational therapy  practitioners, educators, researchers, and students promoting advocacy for occupational engagement/participation and health for those within and/or impacted and/or at risk for involvement with the justice system (staff, persons incarcerated, families and friends, employers), to further societal wellbeing.

The Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity
The mission of COTAD is to empower occupational therapy leaders to engage in practices that increase diversity, equity and inclusion for a more transformative occupational therapy profession.

Occupational Therapy’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

AOTA’s Guide to Acknowledging the Impact of Discrimination, Stigma, and Implicit Bias on Provision of Services with Resources for Clinicians

Diversity Issues in Schools

Diversity Inc.
Informational resource on how diversity affects companies' relationships with their key stakeholders: employees, suppliers, customers and investors.

Intercultural Press
The Intercultural Press offers publications and other training materials pertaining to diversity issues.

IHP Quick Guide for Faculty in Responding to Racism

Religious Diversity

World Religions
This website provides an overview of all world religions and their beliefs, and history.

Religion Facts
This website provides facts about various world religions.

Asian American Allyship

Xenophobia and Allyship (during COVID-19 and beyond)

A series of webinars focused on Asian Americans and COVID-19 from the IHP Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, in collaboration with the MGH Center for Cross-Cultural Emotional Student Wellness and the Let's Talk! Conference.

History of AAPIs in the US and Diversity within AAPI Communities (video)
The JEDI Office, in collaboration with the Mass General Brigham Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Office, hosted the webinar "History of AAPIs in the US and Diversity within AAPI Communities.” Gayun Chan-Smutko, an associate professor and associate director in the Department of Genetic Counseling, moderated the panel featuring Phitsamay Uy, an associate professor of education and co-director of the Center for Asian American Studies at UMass Lowell, and Karthick Ramakrishnan, associate dean of the UC Riverside School of Public Policy and founder and director of AAPI Data.



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Commitment to Diversity

Commitment to Diversity