Year-End Statements

Each January, the Institute sends students' 1098-T tax forms to the IRS and posts that information for each qualified student to the respective student IOnline account.

The 1098-T indicates the amount of tuition and fees paid during the tax year ending December 31st. This information will include activity posted to a student's account, during the particular tax year (January 1–December 31), which may qualify a student for a tax credit. Tax related questions should be directed to the IRS or a tax professional.

IRS Form 1098-T

A 1098-T is a statement of qualified tuition and related expenses that were billed to your student account and grants or scholarships received during the calendar year. The 1098-T is provided to assist you in determining if you are eligible for any higher education tax benefits.

Each year’s newly created forms will be accessible via your IOnline account by January 31st.

Simply logon to your IOnline account, go to the Main Menu, select Tax Information, select View My 1098T form, and select your desired year. Your document is available immediately for printing.

Unfortunately, given the complexity of the U.S. tax code, we cannot determine your eligibility for education tax benefits or provide tax advice. The 1098-T does not indicate your eligibility for tax benefits; rather, it provides you with information about your account which you or your tax preparer may use to determine your education tax benefit eligibility. For more information, we encourage you to see I.R.S. Publication 970 (PDF), or consult your tax advisor.