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Prior-Year Hooding Ceremony Recipients

Master of Science

Harriet Towle Excellence in Clinical Nursing Practice Award

This award was established in 1989 by the Nursing faculty, and is given annually to a student whom the faculty has selected and who has met several criteria, including documented evidence of clinical judgment and caring and demonstrated initiative and leadership in practice. The recipient must demonstrate respect and empathy for others, enthusiasm, and intellectual curiosity, and be perceived as articulate, conscientious, and patient.

Year Recipient
2015   Daniel Raymond Awad
2014   Kate Letourneau
2013   Addie F. Schwarz
2012   Lauren E. Stouffer
2011   Archana Jairam
2010   Katherine Kates

Rebecca Colvin Prize

The Colvin Prize was established in 1996 by Mr. and Mrs. George Herzlinger to commemorate the life of Rebecca Colvin, the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Colvin, who died while a student at Princeton University. The prize is awarded annually to a student in recognition of the development of an exceptional scholarly project. Exceptional writing and scholarly integration of theory and research, as well as application to advanced practice nursing, are recognized. The four criteria used in the selection include originality, contribution to advanced practice nursing, quality, and scholarly value.


Year Recipients
2015   Frances Margaret Searle
2014   Diane Hazel
2013   Pauls J. Fortuna
2012   Siri Chand Kaur Khalsa
2011   Justin Nicholas Bethoney

  Katherine Ann Kates
  Christina Yae-Jin Kim
  Amanda D. Norton



Josephine Mangio Keveney Memorial Nursing Prize

This prize was established by Madeline M. Keaveney to honor her mother, Mrs. Josephine E. Keaveney, a 1940 graduate of the MGH School of Nursing. Mrs. Keaveney, who worked as a nurse at MGH for several years, later taught LPNs at Pondville State Hospital in Walpole, MA. The prize is awarded to an outstanding student from the RN post-professional program who "best exemplifies the caring, spirit and professionalism of Mrs. Josephine E. Keaveney, SON '40."

Year Recipient
2015   Joy A. Williams
2014   Louise de Peyster Ambler Osborne
2013   Linda Jean Sugarbaker
2012   Carolyn M. McNamara
2011   Thomas Scully
2010   Kathryn Kimble Arner


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Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN)

Faculty and Student Recognition for Outstanding Leadership

.The Faculty and Student Recognition for Class Leadership is a certificate awarded the student graduating from the accelerated baccalaureate nursing program who has been identified by peers and faculty as demonstrating outstanding class leadership.

Year Recipient
2015   Peter William Dennis
  Richard A. Wyant Jr.
2014   Ryan N. Allen
  Molly Rose Hershman
2013   Jennifer Lynn Singer
  Kemper. N. Thompson
2012   Elizabeth Marie Sivertsen
2011   Colleen H. Webb
2010   Mary Ellen Graham


Faculty Recognition for Academic/Clinical Excellence

The Faculty Recognition for Academic/Clinical Excellence is a certificate awarded students graduating from the accelerated baccalaureate nursing program (ABSN) with an outstanding grade point average and the strongest faculty recommendations attesting to overall academic and clinical achievement.

Year Recipient
2015   Adam Joseph Jordan
  Alexia C. Marcous
2014   Alison Maria DeVita
  Johnathon B. Holmes
2013   Joanna Shubert
   Afusat Taiwo Oshodi-Abikan
2012   Carolyn L. Regan
2011   Emilie Eaton Beardsley
  Jessica Aubrey Ridd

  Gretchen Anderson Kilborne
  Ian R. Penn


Miriam "Mim" J. Huggard, SON '31 Nursing Scholarship

Sponsored by the MGH Nurses' Alumnae Association (MGHNAA) in memory and in honor of Ms. Huggard's work and dedication to both the MGH and the MGHNAA, this scholarship award is given to a student in the Accelerated BSN Program at the start of his/her last semester. This student will demonstrate exemplary clinical skills during the first three semesters of the program and will have worked at the MGH prior to enrollment in the Accelerated Baccalaureate Program. The recipient shall also embody the core values that made 'Mim' an exceptional nurse, leader, and mentor.

Year Recipient
2015   Mali Cantor
2014   Ryan N. Allen
2013   Zoe Owers
2012   Elizabeth Marie Sivertsen
2011   Malisa C. Iannino
2010   Meredith K. Malvey


Loyd Nichols Staats Scholarship

Established under the aegis of the MGH Nurses' Alumnae Association (NAA) Endowed Fund at the MGH Institute School of Nursing, the funding for this scholarship was derived from the 1996 estate of Mary Hortense Staats, MGH School of Nursing Class of 1937. The scholarship is named to honor the memory of Loyd Nichols Staats, Mary's brother, who died at the young age of one year. It is awarded to a student who is entering the final semester of the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

Year Recipient
2015   Thomas Allan Peak
2014   Alison E. Doppelt
2013   Brendan Roarke McDonald
2012   Heather V. Quirk
2011   Kellie N. Howse


Wetherill Award

Established at the McLean Hospital School of Nursing in 1936 and subsequently transferred to the MGH School of Nursing, the award was established with a gift from E. Stanley Abbott in memory of Marion Wetherill Abbott and her mother. The award is presented to members of the graduating class who have been the most actuated throughout their course by the spirit of thoughtfulness for others or to have most developed it while in the school.

Year Recipient
2015   Sarah Augusta Cochrane
  Peter William Dennis


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Doctor of Nursing Practice

Lavinia Lloyd Dock Award for Scholarly Writing

Lavinia Lloyd Dock was one of the earliest nurse leaders to contribute substantially to the nursing literature. She served as the first foreign editor of The American Journal of Nursing and authored one of the seminal nursing textbooks of the late 19th century: Materia Medica for Nurses (1890). Among her other contributions were Hygiene and Morality (1907), and A History of Nursing (4 Volumes, 2 with Adelaide Nutting). This award honors Dock's commitment to advancing nursing knowledge through scholarly writing and is awarded to the Doctor of Nursing Practice student who has best evidenced this ability throughout the DNP program.

Year Recipient
2013    no award
2012    no award
2011    no award
2010   Daisy J. Goodman

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