Syllabus Overview for HSTATS-451-DL Introductory Statistics

3 credits

Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer

Course Materials

  • Visit our online bookstore for the most  up to date textbook and course material information
  • Statistical software

Topics you will study

•    Defining variables related to the health professions
•    Designations of scales, including nominal, ordinal, interval, and scale
•    Basis of hypothesis testing
•    Entering, navigating, and processing data though SPSS software
•    Generating descriptive statistics and measures of central tendencies
•    Describing data distributions in terms of mode, symmetry, and skew
•    Measure of variability and standard deviation
•    Establishing positive and negative correlation using Pearson’s r test
•    Comparing group means using t-Tests and ANOVA analysis
•    Using repeated-measures ANOVA to evaluate longitudinal data
•    Non-parametric tests including binomials and crosstab analyses
•    Reporting statistics in APA style

General Course Activities/How To Plan  Your Time

•    Work is organized into biweekly modules culminating in a final independent practice that can be revised/resubmitted based on professor comments
•    All activities are fully asynchronous—there are no required meeting times, but there are due dates for assignments.
•    Our format allows flexibility so you can fit the following course learning activities into your schedule:
–    6 final module assignments
–    Videos exploring major topics via lecture slides
–    Independent practice activities to reinforce class material
–    Supplementary readings for context on data use
–    Weekly optional virtual office hours for 1:1 or small group meetings with instructor
–    Lab experiments and reports (only for students taking lab)
•    Most students dedicate 8-10 hours/week to the course.
•    We recommend planning several 1-2 hour study blocks throughout the week.

Technology Requirements

This course uses the learning platform software called Desire2Learn (D2L). D2L integrates text, video, and audio. Before enrolling in the course, please review the D2L system recommendations.

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