Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program Philosophy

Occupational Therapy Education at MGH Institute

At MGH Institute, occupational therapy education is conducted in an interprofessional graduate academic setting where innovative educational methods and modern technology are incorporated in an environment that encourages integrity, creativity, independent thinking, intellectual curiosity, community service, and self-reflection.

Occupational therapy education is grounded in the belief that humans are complex beings and that, through active engagement with the internal and external environments, we evolve, change and adapt.

Occupational therapy education is also a dynamic process, within which students and faculty share responsibility for the teaching-learning interaction that fosters a commitment to lifelong learning. This is facilitated by faculty who are master clinicians and who are major contributors to the professional and academic communities.

The MGH Institute provides early and consistent exposure to clients using the large and diverse practice community of metropolitan Boston and on-site clinics.

We believe that interprofessional education and collaborative practice are essential to high-quality, client-centered care.

As the first occupational therapy program in Boston to educate students at the doctoral level for entry into practice, we are committed to the growth and development of scholarly clinicians who contribute to the practice and profession of occupational therapy.

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