Speech and Feeding Disorders Lab: Lab Team

Lab Team

Jordan Green, PhD, Director of the Speech and Feeding Disorders Lab

Jordan R. Green, PhD

Telephone: (617) 945-3624

Dr. Jordan Green joined the MGH Institute faculty in 2013. His research focuses on disorders of speech production, oromotor skill development for early speech and feeding, and quantification of speech motor performance. Dr. Green earned his PhD from the University of Washington, Seattle. Read more on Dr. Green.

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Kristen Allison, PhD

Kristen Allison, PhD
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Telephone: (617) 724-1275

Kristen Allison, PhD, is a post-doctoral research fellow in the Speech and Feeding Disorders Lab. Kristen completed her doctoral research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2015, which focused on characterization of dysarthria in children with cerebral palsy. She is also a certified speech-language pathologist, and has worked in a variety of pediatric medical settings. Read more on Kristen Allison.

Photo fo Doctoral Student Claire Cordella

Claire Cordella, BA
Doctoral Research Fellow


Claire Cordella is a doctoral student in the Harvard-MIT Program in Speech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology (SHBT). Her research focuses on the characterization of motor speech deficits in neurodegenerative disorders. Read more on Claire Cordella.

Photo of Bridget Perry, Doctoral Research Fellow

Bridget Perry, MS, CCC-SLP
Doctoral Research Fellow


Bridget Perry is a doctoral student in the PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences at the MGH Institute. Her research focuses on speech production deficits and dysphagia in patients with impaired facial movement. Read more on Bridget Perry.

Brian Richburg, Clinical Research Coordinator

Brian Richburg
Clinical Research Coordinator


Brian joined Dr. Green's lab in 2013. Prior to joining the team he supported numerous research efforts studying speech, language, and audio perception at MIT and a small private research company. Read more on Brian Richburg.

Postdoctural Fellow Panying Rong, PhD

Dr. Panying Rong
Postdoctoral Fellow


Dr. Panying Rong joined Dr. Green's lab in 2012, and came to the Institute in 2013. Her research interests include motor speech disorders and computational modeling of speech production. Her current work focuses on multi-factorial modeling of speech impairments due to ALS using instrumentation-based physiological measures. Read more on Dr. Rong.

Photo of Meg Simione

Meg Simione, MA
Doctoral Research Fellow


Meg Simione is a doctoral student in the PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences program at the MGH Institute. Her research focuses on the physiological development of feeding and speech in typically developing and disordered populations. Read more on Meg Simione.

Photo of Kaila Stipancic

Kaila Stepancic
Doctoral Research Fellow


Kaila Stipancic is a doctoral student in the PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences program at the MGH Institute. Her research focuses on the motor control of speech and swallow in adults with underlying neurological impairments.  Read more on Kaila Stipancic.

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