Preparing to be an SP


Image of Simulated patient with students in the PT Center



Each SP assigned to a simulation at the MGH Institute is trained to meet the learning objectives for that experience, and will be provided with specific direction so that the participants receive the most benefit from each experience.


Training varies, but will include the following:

  • Written and Verbal Feedback
    • SPs learn to administer effective and constructive feedback from the patient's perspective through a written checklist of competencies or verbally, based on communication and observed behavior
  • Portrayal
    • SPs learn the fundamentals of portraying a realistic patient to maintain the highest level of fidelity during the student/patient encounter. A discussion on how to accurately convey scripted information in a way that meets the learning objectives.
  • SP Professionalism
    • SPs learn the keys to success in their role through maintaining effective communication, reliability, and thorough preparation for assignments.
  • Physical Exam Skills
    • SPs learn the fundamentals of physical exam skills and what they should expect in the role of the simulated patient.