The annual Interprofessional Child Development Day brought parents together with more than 300 students to strengthen foundational team-based collaborative skills that enhance safe, quality, and equitable care.


Lots of questions.

Questions such as: “When did your child start crawling?” When did she start talking?” Is there a family history of genetic issues? “What kind of safety barriers do you have in your home?” “What kind of things does he like to do?” “Has she had any illnesses?”

Those questions, and dozens more, came from the 323 MGH Institute students during the MGH Institute’s annual Interprofessional Child Development Day, held on October 13. Stationed in rooms throughout the Shouse Building, teams composed of students from the school’s direct-entry programs spoke via Zoom with parents of children aged six months to three years old, learning about each child’s development from the perspective of what they are being taught in their respective programs.

During each 45-minute block, it wasn’t unusual for one of the 28 children to dart out of the camera’s view, only to return running with outstretched hands into their parent’s arms. It may have momentarily interrupted the question-answer session, but it gave students more insight into what developmental milestones a child has reached.

“It was a great experience,” said Hope Hilsenrath, a first-year Doctor of Occupational Therapy student, after watching Andrea Crane and six-month-old Ridley with the rest of her team. “We had just had an exam in human development, so I was looking for things like how her grip and postural control were and she seemed well above norm. She was killing it.”