Summer 2021 Faculty Development Days

DateJun 7, 2021 12:00pm -
Jun 30, 2021 12:45pm

Teaching and Learning at the MGH IHP, June 2021

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Monday, June 7

12:00-12:30 (+12:30-12:45 for Q&A)        
2019 Watts Award Talk
Rebecca Hill (Assistant Professor, Nursing)
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Wednesday, June 9

12:00-12:30 (+12:30-12:45 for Q&A)
2020 Watts Award Talk
Sofia Vallila-Rohter (Associate Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders)
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Monday, June 14

12:00-12:30 (+12:30-12:45 for Q&A)
Strategies to Cultivate Inclusion and Belonging in the Classroom
Panel: Suellen Breakey (Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor, Nursing), Emily Eddy (Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy), Karen Hunt (Instructor, Nursing), Keshrie Naidoo (Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy)
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Wednesday, June 16

12:00-12:30 (+12:30-12:45 for Q&A)
Lessons Learned about Advising in light of Covid
Steve Ciesielski (Assistant Dean of Student Success, SON) and Mike Boutin (Assistant Dean for Faculty and Student Success, SHRS)

Steve and Mike will reflect on the experience of advising during a pandemic: what did we learn about student needs and wants, and what best practices can we bring forward into a whole new world?  Come with your questions
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Monday, June 21

12:00-12:30 (+12:30-12:45 for Q&A)
Pivot or Perish? Lessons Learned from Pandemic Teaching
Tasneem Pota & Joyce Latulippe (Instructional Designers), with Bonnie Halvorson-Bourgeois (Assistant Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders), John Wong (Associate Professor, School of Nursing and Department of Occupational Therapy) and Mary Hildebrand (Interim Program Director, Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy)

The pandemic challenged all of us to be resilient and adapt our teaching and learning practices. Some faculty participated in book groups around the conveniently released “Small Teaching Online.”  Come join us to hear what strategies and innovation IHP faculty tried out and would recommend to others teaching and learning online.  
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Wednesday, June 23

12:00-12:30 (+12:30-12:45 for Q&A)
Zoom Whiteboards and Annotations
Susan Stark (Instructional Technologist)

Looking for more student engagement and active involvement in your Zoom session?  Zoom Whiteboard and Annotations are great tools to use to explain hard concepts, explore ideas and engage students interactively in Zoom.  Join us to learn how to use the whiteboard and annotation tools in Zoom as well as explore ideas for using them in your own courses.
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Monday, June 28

SoTL: No “truths” and only positive “consequences”
Suzan Kardong-Edgren (Associate Professor, Health Professions Education), and Lynn Foord (HPEd Adjunct Faculty)

In this session, we hope to uncover and address questions about SoTL in a relaxed conversational discussion. We will talk about ways to think about your scholarship, overcome barriers, and locate support for your scholarship at the IHP.
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Wednesday, June 30

12:00-12:30 (+12:30-12:45 for Q&A)
D2L Data & Analytics to Monitor Student Engagement
Greg Moore (Senior Instructional Technologist and Application Support Specialist)

D2L contains a variety of data and analytics tools. These tools allow instructors to monitor student engagement in their courses and take action as needed to improve the course and help students. This session will demonstrate the data and analytics that are available within D2L, how instructors can access them, and the types of actions that instructors can take using this data.
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