Discussing and Learning About IHP JEDI Curriculum Review Processes

DateMay 15, 2023
12:00pm - 1:00pm

Presenters: Dr. Callie Watkins Liu, Director of JEDI Education and Programs; Dr. Regina Doherty, Chair and Professor, Occupational Therapy; Gayun Chan-Smutko, Associate Chair, Genetic Counseling; Ann Seman, Director of Clinical Education, Genetic Counseling; Maureen Flynn, Chair, Genetic Counseling; Allison Cirino, Director of Student Research, Genetic Counseling; Rebecca Hill, Associate Dean, Prelicensure Programs, Nursing; Dr. Keshrie Naidoo, Director of the Academic Curriculum, Physical Therapy

Over the past year and a half, the JEDI Office has been working with different IHP departments to engage in thoughtful and strategic JEDI curriculum review processes. In this Faculty Development Day session, the JEDI Office and members of IHP Schools and Programs will be talking about the different JEDI curriculum review processes, sharing tools, discussing insights and next steps in each of their departments. Please join us to engage in conversation and think about how this process could be used or adapted for your own area.

jbell [at] mghihp.edu (Contact Jessica Bell) with questions. 


Access Session Recording on D2L - Password required