Climate Change and Health Equity 2024: MGH Institute of Health Professions' Interprofessional Response

DateMay 20, 2024
5:30pm - 7:00pm
Virtual - Zoom

Join Us to Discuss Integration of Climate Change and Health Equity in Health Professions’ Education

Climate change is a public health and health equity crisis that has wide-ranging consequences on health and well-being. Health professionals play a key role in addressing climate-related health impacts, and education is a necessary first step. This forum will explore the critical intersections of climate change, public health, and health equity. Hear from interprofessional educators and future health professionals as they explore how they create a more sustainable and equitable health care future through innovative teaching/learning strategies. 

Forum Highlights:

  • Interprofessional Learning: Discover the multifaceted relationship between climate change and health equity through an interprofessional lens and explore how these insights can be embedded in your teaching and practice.

  • Practical Strategies: Engage in discussions on actionable strategies to address the health impacts of climate change, enhancing health outcomes through collaborative efforts.

  • Student Insights: Gain unique perspectives from students involved in experiential learning projects focused on climate change, discussing their impact on future roles in health professions.

By participating, you will not only broaden your understanding of how climate change affects health equity but also identify opportunities to create meaningful curricular change.  Forum presenters will address the following objectives:  

  1. Explore the intersectionality between climate change and health equity, recognizing key challenges and opportunities to foster an interprofessional health professions community.

  2. Discuss practical strategies and opportunities for addressing the impact of climate change on health outcomes.

  3. Identify effective student-led experiences that foster interprofessional approaches to mitigate the health consequences of climate change and promote health equity.

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