Medical Assistance Protocol

  • All calls for Medical Assistance (617-726-5400) are received through the navy yard MGH Police and Security Dispatch. The dispatcher will collect all pertinent information regarding the medical issue: Type of assistance needed (victim's condition), location, victim’s name, caller’s name, etc.
  • Dispatcher then notifies all units via radio and 911 as necessary. Officers will respond with the department’s First Responder Kit, which includes an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and oxygen. Officers will assess the victim, continually communicating information to dispatcher. Additionally the responding patrol officer will stand by outside the respective building to wait for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and to escort them to the scene.
  • An MGH officer will remain with the victim to administer First Aid as needed.
  • MGH officer is in charge of the victim until relieved by EMS or another resource with superior skill set, and will remain in charge of scene safety.
  • All MGH officers are First Responders and/or Emergency Medical technician (EMT) Level.
  • If you are certified in CPR, First Responder or higher medical license, let the on scene officer know and offer your help.
  • You can be helpful by allowing the first responders to work unobtrusively and helping keep on-lookers at a distance from the scene.

FOR ALL EMERGENCIES CALL (617) 726-5400 (24 hours) – DO NOT CALL 911

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