Doctoral Student

What year did you start the program? 2023

What are your prior degrees and with what institutions?
BA, Chinese Linguistics, Fudan University
BS, Speech and Hearing Sciences, University of Washington
MS, Communication Sciences and Disorders, MGH IHP


What is your current research setting?
Mentor: Dr. Yael Arbel
Lab: Cognitive Neuroscience Group


What is your current research focused on?
The mechanism of typical language development and language learning difficulty of children with Developmental Language Disorders


What do you think is special about the PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences program here at the MGH Institute?
I've benefited from PTs and OTs' help to see child development as a whole page during my CF year. This experience convinces me of the interprofessional communication and cooperation that IHP takes pride in. I'm also inspired by the dedicated and personalized course design of this PhD program.


Why did you choose to come to this program rather than a doctoral research program in your specific profession?
I came for Dr. Yael Arbel and the entire CNG team. The neural mechanism of language development and disorder that Dr. Arbel's lab works on matches my interest. She and her team strongly supported my research during my master's period. I'm so excited to return for further study and work with everyone.


What are your goals for the future after you graduate?
To advance our knowledge about language development and difficulty and benefit both clients and clinicians.

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