What year did you start the program?  


List your prior degrees and institutions
BS, Biological Anthropology, The George Washington University
MA, Medical Anthropology, The George Washington University


What is your current research setting(s), mentor’s name and name of lab?
Mentor: Dr. Kathleen Lyons ScD, OTR/L 
Lab: Cancer Rehabilitation (CaRe) Lab 


What is your current research focused on? 
My research with Dr. Lyons primarily focuses on return to work interventions to help optimize employment outcomes amongst cancer survivors.


What do you think is special about the PhD in RS program here at IHP?
The high level of interdisciplinary collaboration is what I find most special about the IHP PhD in RS Program. I am confident I will become a better promoter of health equity through my increased interactions with students and faculty belonging to a wide range of health professions. I am excited to work with and learn from them.


Why did you choose to come to this program rather than a doctoral research program in your specific profession? 
As an aspiring doctoral student, I sought a program that utilizes qualitative and quantitative pathways to mitigate health disparities and serve diverse patients in the community. MGH IHP’s interprofessional approach to clinical research in rehabilitation perfectly aligned with my career goals, and complemented my experiences in medical anthropology and clinical research.


What are your goals for the future after you graduate?
After graduation I hope to build a career conducting community-based participatory research and implementation science studies, as well as working towards translating research informed knowledge into policy and practice-based action.

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