Dr. Rosa is a board-certified DNP and WHNP who also earned a Master’s Degree in Health Education and Promotion from Columbia University. She is a certified lactation counselor and a certified ayurvedic postpartum doula. Dr. Rosa teaches in the women's health/OBGYN nursing specialty at the IHP.

Her research interest involves postpartum healing through mind/body practices.

Her clinical work combines evidence-based medical strategies with spiritual and traditional medicine in her Postpartum of Ease Mentorship (POEM) which she established in 2021. She is the founder of The Postpartum Doctor, where she supports women through the transformation of motherhood.

Her doctoral thesis evaluated how visualization, goal setting, yoga/meditation, and mindfulness practices increased confidence around breastfeeding, thus increasing breastfeeding longevity. 

  • BSPH, University of Maryland: College Park, MD
  • MPH, Columbia University: New York, NY
  • MSN, MGH Institute of Health Professions: Boston, MA
  • DNP, MGH Institute of Health Professions: Boston, MA

Dr. Rosa has published numerous papers - some titles are highlighted below. You can view a complete listing of Dr. Rosa's publications in her CV. 

Lactobacillus GG elaborates small peptides that exert an anti-bacterial effect. 

Identification and characterization of a novel antibacterial protein elaborated by Lactobacillus GG. .


In addition, Dr. Rosa regularly presents at conferences and industry events. Please see her CV for a complete list of presentations

A Nurse Practitioner’s Role in Breastfeeding Education and Support During Prenatal Care at Massachusetts General Hospital Institute for Health Professionals. 

Mindfulness Interventions for Increasing Breastfeeding Self-Efficacy, DNP Graduate Thesis, MGHIHP, 2021

Preventive genetic testing in black women: How healthcare providers can help their patients overcome barriers of future personalized medicine. 

Comparing Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes: A Model Towards Understanding Treatment Adherence in Chronic Disease.

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