What year did you start the program?  

Current research setting(s), mentor’s name and name of lab.
Mentors: Lauryn Zipse, PhD, CCC-SLP, Co-Director
Lab: Cognitive Neuroscience Group, MGH Institute of Health Professions

What is your current research focused on (please provide a brief summary statement in layman’s terms?
I am interested in high intensity treatment practices, with a focus on how this can be applied in aphasia and apraxia of speech treatment protocols. I am also interested in the use of biofeedback in therapy and want to explore how these tools can be used to improve patient outcomes with supported at home practice. 

What do you think is special about the PhD in RS program here at IHP? 
The opportunity to learn and collaborate within an interdisciplinary environment was very important to me. I have spent several years in the clinical world which involved regular collaboration with physical therapists, occupational therapist, social workers, physicians, psychologists, etc. I have a deep appreciation for the varied points of views that need to be considered to ensure the best treatment for our patients.  I also am excited to learn from the IHP’s accomplished faculty. Additionally, because the institute is located in Boston there is great potential to network with professionals from reputable institutions in the area.

Why did you choose to come to this program rather than a doctoral research program in your specific profession?  
I chose to pursue my PhD at the MGH Institute because of the opportunity to learn in a collaborative environment with clinicians from various rehabilitation specialties. I believe in a team approach and the program is structured in a manner that will allow me to make connections with my peers on relevant research questions. Also, I was drawn to the program because of its’ unique design which enables students to learn from faculty who are experts with a variety of clinical backgrounds. 

What are your goals for the future after you graduate?
I hope to work in an academic setting conducting research and teaching future Speech Language Pathologists. I would also like to continue working clinically in some capacity. 

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