Salvatore J. Tagliareni is an expert in Leadership and has developed the dynamic practice of Roving Leadership, a system based on the principle that every person at some point can lead in the search for outstanding organizational results.

He is a storyteller, writer, business consultant, art dealer, and former Catholic priest. For over 25 years he has successfully engaged private and public companies in their search for outstanding strategic performance, and has the ability to create processes for the positive transformation of organizational cultures.

A gifted speaker, he is blessed with a great sense of humor and can invigorate an audience with insights on life and leadership. Salvatore was profoundly influenced by his relationship with Dr.Viktor Frankl, the celebrated psychiatrist and author of Man’s Search for Meaning. He is the author of Roving Leadership, A Narrative of Organizational Transformation and the novels On the Corner, Hitler’s Priest,  The Cross or The Swastika, and The Architect of Auschwitz.

Salvatore is the former president of Next Step Associates a Strategic organizational consulting firm. For 25 years he has performed strategic planning and organizational design and implementation for many large International companies such as Johnson and Johnson, IBM, 

Hoffman La-Roche and Boston Financial, as well as nonprofits such as The National League for Nursing and The Independence Foundation.

As a young Catholic priest studying theology in Rome, his life was forever changed when the tragic and unexpected death of his best friend led him to seek and gain mentorship from Dr. Frankl. Dr. Frankl and other Holocaust survivors changed the course of Salvatore’s life as they shared their personal horrors under the Nazi regime.

After leaving active ministry as an ordained Catholic priest in 1970, Salvatore went on to earn a PhD in Leadership and Human Behavior. He is a sought after keynote and motivational speaker.

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