Dr. Bajwa is an experienced health professions educator leveraging simulation methodology to teach health professionals and is passionate about interprofessional education in healthcare. She sees herself as a facilitator, igniting curiosity and critical thinking in students. Her teaching philosophy is rooted in the transformative potential of education and is grounded in adult learning, constructivism, and neurocognitive science. Dr. Bajwa crafts an enriching experience fostering holistic growth, self-directed learning, and cognitive development.

Adult Learning: Guided by andragogy, she honors adult learners' experiences and prior knowledge. Dr. Bajwa bridges theory and practice, empowering them to set goals, engage in self-assessment, and own their learning path.

Constructivism: As a co-learner, Dr. Bajwa collaborates with students to construct meaning. She empowers them to build their knowledge through active exploration, inquiry, and real-world challenges.

Neurocognitive Science: Leveraging insights, she optimizes brain mechanisms for learning and retention. Techniques like spaced repetition and multisensory experiences enhance learning, aligning with cognitive processes.

Dr. Bajwa creates an inclusive classroom, promoting diversity, open dialogue, and reflection. Technology enhances learning, offering flexibility through multimedia and online platforms. Lifelong learning is paramount; she evolves through professional development, research, and collaboration, ensuring relevant, effective, and impactful teaching.

In essence, Dr. Bajwa's teaching philosophy fosters a vibrant educational journey. Valuing adult learning, constructivism, and neurocognitive science, she empowers students to confidently navigate a dynamic world, driving their growth and success.

  • Healthcare Simulation
  • Distance Simulation
  • Professional Development 
  • Interprofessional Education

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