Denis Stratford was formerly the Associate Vice President for Information Technology, Campus Services, and Compliance. He has over 40 years of experience in higher education leadership roles starting in the field of educational information technology.

He has a unique blend of learning, information and technology, campus operations and planning, and compliance experience and knowledge within all levels of education. As the Institute's Chief Operating Officer he facilitates the resources planning and allocation, acquisition and support of learning, information, technology, and physical resources, and compliance.

Through his interest in the use of technology to affect learning and previous teaching experience in graduate education and information systems, Mr. Stratford leads Institute initiatives on healthcare data analytics and classroom and lab design.

In his 19 years of service at the Institute, Denis has led and facilitated innovative technological advancements and campus expansion. Denis created the Office of Compliance, and he has taken on the role of primary Emergency Preparedness Coordinator. Most recently, Denis’s contributions guided the Institute community through COVID-19 response and recovery planning.

  • BA, Business Administration, St. Michaels College, Colchester, VT
  • MS, Management, Manhattan College, Bronx, NY

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