Andrew Phillips, PhD, RN, is an Associate Professor at the MGH Institute of Health Professions and a Faculty Nurse Scientist at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Phillips serves as Director of Nursing Research at Spaulding Rehabilitation Network working with nursing staff on clinical quality improvement.

Dr. Phillips received his PhD in Nursing Informatics and BS in Nursing from Columbia University School of Nursing. He also holds a BA in Economics from Washington University in St. Louis and has worked as a staff nurse in the pediatric intensive care unit at Westchester Medical Center in New York. He was a pre-doctoral trainee at the Center for Evidence-Based Practice in the Underserved at Columbia University School of Nursing and a co-investigator in the Health Information Technology Collaborative at Weill Cornell Medical College examining the early stages of health information exchange. Later as a policy advisor, Dr. Phillips examined the application of federal mandates around qualified health information technology on the specific legislation and regulations needed to ensure health data security, compliance and feasibility within a statewide health exchange network.

Prior to entering the practice of nursing and informatics, Dr. Phillips was an actuary and consultant to health and pension benefit plans.

Dr. Phillips has presented and published frequently on the topic of health informatics in state, national, and international forums.

  • Washington University in St. Louis, BA Economics, Minor Biology
  • Columbia University School of Nursing, BS Nursing
  • Columbia University School of Nursing, Masters Philosophy
  • Columbia University School of Nursing, PhD Nursing Informatics

Dr. Phillips' research currently focuses on the application of complex systems science to models of disease processes and patient behavior. Dr. Phillips' also maintains a focus on informatics competencies required of today's nurses through the development of competency assessment tools and potential links to nursing outcomes.

Dr. Phillips has published numerous papers - some titles are highlighted below. You can view a complete listing of Dr. Phillips's publications on ResearchGate or in his CV. 

Agent-Based Modeling to Examine Patient Behavior Within a Social Network: A Desire to Exercise Use Case. 

Evaluating the effect of automated hand hygiene technology on compliance and C. difficile rates in a long-term acute care hospital. 

Nursing Informatics Competency Assessment for the Nurse Leader. 

Nursing Informatics Competency Assessment for the Nurse Leader: Instrument Refinement, Validation, and Psychometric Analysis. 

Opportunity and Approach for Implementation of a Self-Assessment Tool: Nursing Informatics Competencies for Nurse Leaders (NICA-NL). 


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In addition, Dr. Phillips regularly presents at conferences and industry events. Please see his CV for a complete list of presentations.

A multisite assessment of nursing informatics competencies – nursing educator knowledge, employer needs, inconsistencies and priorities identified at the Linking Informatics and Education Academic Forum Conference Proceedings American Medical Informatics Association 2022 Annual Symposium.

Agent Based Model to Evaluate Simple Behavioral Changes on Individual Health Over Time at the Proceedings American Medical Informatics Association 2019 Annual Symposium.

Decreased Laboratory-Identified Clostridioides difficile Infections with Implementation of an Electronic Hand Hygiene Monitoring System in a Long-Term Acute Care Hospital at the ID Week 2019. 

Unexpected patient experiences at a rural academic weight loss center: Obesity stigma considerations and concerns at the 30th International Nursing Research Congress. 

A mixed methods study of patient experiences and outcomes at a new rural academic weight loss center: Obesity stigma considerations and reflections at Obesity Week 2018. 

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