The Class Gift is a way to support future IHP students and further promote a culture of student philanthropy.  

Together, you are making a difference, and donations of any size add up to make a BIG difference. You can choose to support the IHP Community Pantry, Student Emergency Fund, Scholarships, and much more!

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Impact of Giving

In 2023, the Class Gift supported a variety of initiatives at the IHP! We had 40 individual donors raise over $800, supporting the October 5K, the Boston Marathon Team, the Student JEDI Fellows. These gifts supported important funds at the IHP, such as the Impact Practice Center, the Community Pantry, Scholarships, and the JEDI Student Wellness Fund. Additionally, the 1st SLPD class, pledged $500 towards the IHP Community Pantry for 2023. We have similar opportunities planned for the 2024-2025 Classes—including a Fall 5K in November, Giving Tuesday, and Spring events. We hope to have 100 participants, with a gift of any size for 2024. 

In September 2019 the JEDI office launched the JEDI Fellows program in response to the needs of the IHP community for engagement on anti-oppression issues. Student Fellows receive training and mentorship and then have the freedom to co-develop, pilot, and facilitate workshops and programs across campus. For the 2023 Class Gift, the SGA raised over $200 for the JEDI Fellows Wellness Fund, which provided direct support to the student fellows, in an area they determined best use. 

Together, your gifts can make a difference. Gifts of any size add up! Both the IHP Community Pantry Fund and the Student Emergency Fund are immediate use, and still are important areas to support IHP students. 

Why Should I Give?

By giving back, you choose where you want to make an impact, and when we all give back together, our impact multiplies. Gifts of any size help make a difference. For the price of one lunch out or drinks with friends, you can make a positive impact on other students at the IHP. Your participation matters.

Be a part of this annual tradition. Make a difference today!


What to give to:

There are many areas that could use your support!

  • JEDI Fellows Wellness Fund—provides direct support to IHP Student JEDI Fellows in an area they determine best use, for wellness objectives.
  • IHP Community Pantry—provides nonperishable food items, and personal care products for our students.
  • Student Emergency Fund—provides support for students during an emergency, for example, but not limited to, a sudden loss of supporting income, spousal/partner emergency, an adverse health event, or a pandemic.
  • Scholarship/Financial Aid Fund—supports students across all programs at the IHP
  • Program Specific Scholarships—supports students in that specific program (examples: May and Thomas Chin BSN Scholarship, Daniel Blitz PT Scholarship, etc.)
  • Clinical Care Centers (such as the Sanders IMPACT Practice Center, Ionta PT Center, etc.)— These funds help support the costs to keep the centers running, providing free care to Boston Area residents as well as hands-on learning for IHP students.


How to give:

Through the giving page

  • Or cash or check dropped off at the Office of Development, 1CW Workstation 180.29.

Donating to your class gift in your 1st, 2nd or 3rd year counts as participation, as long as you make a gift by graduation! Just select your graduation year from the dropdown menu.

Thank you to all those who have participated in previous class giving campaigns at the Institute! Let’s make this next year the best one yet!

For more information, contact your SGA representative, or Chris Bjork in the Office of Development.