Class Gift

Graduating Class Gift

At MGH Institute of Health Professions, the Class Gift is a way to support future students at the IHP, or support your program by donating to scholarship funds, program funds, or the MGH Institute Fund. These donations are vital to allow the Institute to continue to provide top notch educational experiences, supporting students financially, and cover operational costs not supported by tuition alone.

Impact of Giving

Last year, students rallied together to raise nearly $2,000 through a matching gift program, that directly benefits IHP students across all programs. This year, the SGA is hoping to reach a greater fundraising goal of 50% participation of the graduating class, or $2,020. With the added help of the matching gift program, donations will go one step further — $2,020 becomes $4,040. These funds help address areas that tuition dollars cannot cover alone.

Why Should I Give?

Helping others is one of the core values of the Institute, and across the health professions. Gifts of any size help us make a difference. For the price of one coffee or one lunch out, you could make a gift of $5, $10, $20.20, or more! Your participation matters!

Be a part of this annual tradition. Make a difference today!

What to give to:

There are many areas that could use your support!

  • Scholarship/Financial Aid Fund—supports students across all programs at the IHP
  • Program Specific Scholarships—supports students in that specific program (examples: May and Thomas Chin BSN Scholarship, Daniel Blitz PT Scholarship, etc.)
  • MGH Institute Fund in Support of your Academic Program (i.e. Nursing, CSD, OTD, PT, Genetic Counseling, PA, etc.)— Provides operational support towards program, or program development.
  • Unrestricted MGH Institute Fund (Annual Fund)—Many different areas of support- scholarships, student study space, program development, tutoring, workshops, etc.
  • Clinical Care Centers (such as the Sanders Impact Practice Center, Ionta PT Center)— These funds help support the costs to keep the centers running; providing free care to Boston Area residents as well as hands-on learning for IHP students.

How to give:

  • Donate through the giving page
  • Cash or Check dropped off at the Office of Development, Building 34, Second Floor.
  • Donating to your class gift in your 1st, 2nd or 3rd year counts as participation, as long as you make a gift by graduation! Just select your graduation year from the dropdown menu.

Thank you!

Thank you to all those who have participated in previous class giving campaigns at the Institute! Let’s make this next year the best one yet!

For more information, contact your SGA representative, or Chris Bjork in the Office of Development - | 617-643-4164

photo of large graduating class from above