Anshul Kumar, PhD

Anshul Kumar
Assistant Professor
Health Professions Education

Anshul Kumar is Assistant Professor in the Health Professions Education program at MGH Institute of Health Professions. He is a sociologist with interests at the intersection of public health, education, and international development. His research on the Indian education system pertains to the effectiveness of interventions conducted by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) within the government school system.

In his fieldwork, he has found that NGO teachers and mainstream government teachers treat students differently, with the latter creating classroom environments that discriminate against students who need the most help. This work has also examined the scalability of educational interventions within education systems, finding that interventions can scale up without showing evidence of substantial systemic impact. Anshul is also part of an interdisciplinary team that is bringing the intervention Pre-Texts to a network of schools in South India. Pre-Texts is an educational protocol used for everything from teaching basic literacy to training community health workers, designed by the NGO Cultural Agents.

Anshul has interest in demographic analysis, as it pertains to health and development. One of his current projects examines the drivers of water and sanitation conditions in developing countries. This uses data from the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) to uncover cross-national differences in these conditions. Previously, Anshul has used DHS data to investigate the HIV outcomes of families in developing countries and how they vary by family structures.

Finally, Anshul has a strong interest in pedagogic innovation and curriculum development. He has worked as a Pedagogy Fellow at the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning and has developed educational materials for the Global Health Education and Learning Incubator, both at Harvard University. He is particularly enthusiastic about the development and evaluation of methods for teaching quantitative skills within health professions education.

Outside of his academic work, Anshul enjoys playing tennis, watching all sports, and listening to comedy.


BA, Sociology, Economics, College of Arts and Sciences, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
AM, Sociology, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
PhD, Sociology, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

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