Technology Access After Graduation

Your IHP email address remains active for 90 days after graduation, so it makes sense to create a professional email address before you graduate that you can use on employment applications.  

Sharing your professional email address with the Alumni Relations Office ensures that you stay current on Institute news and opportunities to engage.

Your D2L Brightspace account remains active for one year after you graduate. Being able to enter the LMS allows you to review course materials and access course syllabi, which are two items you will likely need as a new professional. While your password is not set to expire it is tied to your IHP email; therefore, when your IHP email expires so does your ability to use the Forgot Email/Password function. If you need assistance once your email account has closed, submit a Help Desk ticket.

You do not lose access to E*Value at any point. Your designation does moves from “Student” to “Alumni” for licensing purposes; however, you still have access to everything as you would as a student. Your account is associated with your MGB email, so when you lose access to your IHP email you won't be able to use the "Forgot Password" function should you forget your username and password.  If this does happen and you need to access your information, you should submit a Help Desk ticket so that a member of IT can change it to your personal email going forward. 

Print out a copy of your E*Value hours and place it in a safe location.

The Complio Immunization software helped you stay current with your immunizations while matriculated, benefiting academic coursework and clinical experiences. Your Complio account turns off at graduation. If you need to access your Complio information after Commencement, reach out to our Student Compliance office for assistance.

Your IHP issued Microsoft365 OneDrive account closes once you graduate. It is important that you consider this fact prior to graduation and move any important documents to your personal Microsoft365 account or other cloud drive.


While your Zoom account will remain active, post-graduation, you will be bumped down from the ‘Pro’ licensing tier to the ‘Basic’ licensing tier. The only ramification of this really is that you lose the ability to host meetings of unlimited length and will be subject to the 40 minute time limit.