Interprofessional Dedicated Education Units

As a student at the Institute, you will be able to participate in a unique clinical education experience at Massachusetts General Hospital, focusing on collaborative practice and team-based, patient-centered care in the acute care setting. Together with students from Harvard Medical School, you will interact with clinicians from various professions to learn firsthand about the importance of interprofessional practice.

These experiences take place over two mornings on one of three Interprofessional Dedicated Education Units (IPDEUs). You will work one time with a nurse instructor and the other with an instructor from a rehabilitation profession. Each morning concludes with a facilitated debriefing session during which all students on that service reflect on what they observed and discuss the implications for their practice.

The IPDEU experience provides real-world exposure to the essential and often unexpected aspects of working in interprofessional teams, preparing you to apply these principles as you go through your professional curriculum.

“These experiences obviously better prepare us to work with colleagues in complementary disciplines, but they’re also informing us to ask better questions now. Nothing can match real life opportunities to see compassionate and collaborative care in action for real patients.”

- Sarah Curtis, MS Speech-Language Pathology 2017