2022-2023: SLP MS - No Concentration Curriculum Plan

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School Year: 2022-2023

Current Curriculum Plan - No Concentration

Total Core Required Credits: 60

(Core courses must be taken for letter grade.)

Total Elective Credits required: 9

Minimum credits required for graduation: 69

If students have already completed an undergraduate course in Aural Rehabilitation they must take 2 more credits of electives (11 instead of 9) to reach the total of 69 because they do not take CD 751 (Aural Rehabilitation).


Year 1 - Fall Term

CD-732 Speech Sound Disorders in Children3
CD-743 Spoken and Written Language Development and Disorders-Part A: Foundational Concepts and Assessment 2
CD-744 Spoken and Written Language Development and Disorders-Part B: Language and Literacy Disorders in Early School Age2
CD-745 Spoken and Written Language Development and Disorders-Part C: Intervention for Language for Learning and Advanced Language2
CD-760A Spoken and Written Clinical Practicum Seminar I0
CD-761 SLLC Clinical Practicum I3
HP-818 IMPACT 1: Interprofessional Practice1

Year 1 - Spring Term

CD-722 Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology of Communication and Swallowing3
CD-760B Spoken and Written Clinical Practicum Seminar II0
CD-762 SLLC Clinical Practicum II3
CD-839 Aphasia in Adults: Assessment and Intervention3
CH-721 Foundations of Cognition2
HP-819 IMPACT 2: Interprofessional Project1

Year 1 - Summer Term

CD-721 Physiology, Acoustics, and Perception of Speech3
CD-770 Year 1 Clinical Outplacement Seminar0
CD-828 Teaching Language and Literacy to English Language Learners2
CD-833 Neuromotor Speech Disorders2
CD-840 Dysphagia in Adults & Children3
CD-870A Clinical Seminar I0
CD-871 Clinical Practicum III3
- Electives - As approved by academic advisor0

Year 2 - Fall Term

CD-752 Hearing Skills Seminar1
CD-832 Voice Disorders3
CD-841 Fluency Disorders (Stuttering)2
CD-843 Acquired Cognitively Based Communication Disorders (Traumatic Brain Injury)2
CD-870B Clinical Seminar II0
CD-872 Clinical Practicum IV3
CH-835 Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)2

Year 2 - Spring Term

CD-724 Evidenced-Based Practice and Research Methods for Speech Language Pathologists3
CD-751 Aural Rehabilitation: Treatment of Hearing Disorders3
CD-870C Clinical Seminar III0
CD-873 Clinical Practicum V3
HP-821 IMPACT 3: Interprofessional Ethics1
HP-999 Interprof Sem - 2nd Year Spr0

Year 2 - Summer Term

- Electives - As approved by academic advisor0

A total of 9 credits of electives must be completed from the following courses:

CD-735 Foundations of Medical Speech Pathology1
CD-824B Diagnostic Methods and Clinical Processes in Reading and Writing Disorders II2
CD-825 Reading and Writing in the Schools2
CD-826 Leading Literacy Change1
CD-827 Teaching Narrative and Expository Literacy2
CD-834 Alaryngeal Speech (Post-Laryngectomy) Seminar1
CD-836 Genetics in Communication Disorders1-2
CD-855 Acquired Reading and Writing Disorders2
CD-856 Med SLP II: Clinical Decision Making2
CD-857 Adult Neurodegenerative Syndromes Affecting Language and Cognition2
CD-858 Special Topics1-3
CD-859 Advanced Autism Seminar2
CD-861 Advanced Seminar in Voice Disorders2
CD-895 Research Proposal in CSD1
CD-896 Thesis Research I1
CD-897 Thesis Research II2
CD-899 Independent Study1-6
CH-740 Early Intervention: Birth to Age 32
CH-800 Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Disorders1
CH-836 Theoretical and Practical Approaches to Counseling2
CH-837 Tracheotomy and Ventilation Issues in a Medical Setting1

Courses with the following prefixes can also be used towards elective requirements with advisor permissions:

HP- Interprofessional Courses0
NH- Nursing Multidisciplinary Courses0
NH- Nursing Multidisciplinary Courses0
PH- Physical Therapy Multidisciplinary Courses0