2022-2023: Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) Curriculum Plan

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School Year: 2022-2023

Current Curriculum Plan

A total of 86 credits is required to complete this degree.

Semester 1 - Fall

PA-650 Foundations of Medicine3
PA-720 The PA Profession1
PA-730 Essentials of Dermatology1
PA-731 Essentials of Musculoskeletal Disease and Injury2
PA-734 Essentials of Neurology2
PA-735 Principles of Behavioral Medicine2
PA-750 Patient Care I2
HP-818 IMPACT 1: Interprofessional Practice1
Total credits: 14

Semester 2 - Spring

PA-721 The PA in Practice2
PA-733 Essentials of Pulmonary Medicine3
PA-736 Essentials of Cardiovascular Disease4
PA-737 Essentials of Otolaryngology & Ophthalmology2
PA-740 Essentials of Nephrology & Urology2
PA-751 Patient Care II2
HP-819 IMPACT 2: Interprofessional Project1
Total credits: 16

Semester 3 - Summer

PA-722 The PA in the Community2
PA-738 Essentials of Gastroenterology2
PA-739 Essentials of Endocrinology2
PA-741 Principles of Reproductive Medicine2
PA-752 Patient Care III2
PA-760 Health Promotion Disease Prevention2
PA-770 Principles of Surgery, Emergency, & Inpatient Care2
Total credits: 14

Semester 4 - Fall

PA-800 Preparation for Clerkship1
PA-820 Clerkship 14
PA-821 Clerkship 24
PA-830 Seminar I1
Total credits: 10

Semester 5 - Spring

PA-822 Clerkship 34
PA-823 Clerkship 44
PA-824 Clerkship 54
PA-840 Seminar II1
HP-821 IMPACT 3: Interprofessional Ethics1
HP-999 Interprof Sem - 2nd Year Spr0
Total credits: 14

Semester 6 - Summer

PA-825 Clerkship 64
PA-826 Clerkship 74
PA-827 Clerkship 84
PA-850 Seminar III1
Total credits: 13

Semester 7 - Fall

PA-828 Clerkship 94
PA-860 Senior Seminar1
PA-865 Summative Examination0
Total credits: 5