Fieldwork Placements

Through the Institute’s affiliation with Partners HealthCare, students enjoy access to leading practitioners in the Metropolitan Boston area who serve as faculty and mentors.

Full- and part-time fieldwork experiences are integrated at every stage of the curriculum, allowing students to continually connect theory with practice.

Fieldwork is completed in a variety of clinical and practice settings (e.g., acute care, rehab, school-based practice, community). Students are exposed to a variety of clients across the lifespan and to a variety of settings.

Our focus on experiential learning, in addition to our Institute-wide IMPACT (Interprofessional Model for Patient and Client-Centered Teams) curriculum, facilitates critical thinking, communication skills, ethical reasoning, and team-based problem-solving. Participating in these and other learning opportunities extends to students being better prepared for fieldwork training with increased confidence in communicating and delivering care.

Information on fieldwork placements: