Learning Objectives for Level I Fieldwork

  1. Demonstrate professional behaviors commensurate with the role of an emerging occupational therapist for time management, flexibility, adherence to fieldwork facility’s policies and procedures, ethics, and responsible participation in the supervisory relationship.
  2. Acknowledge and adhere to safety precautions and practices related to client care and facility policies and procedures.
  3. Identify the impact of client factors (body functions/structures), performance skills (motor, process, social interaction) and patterns (habits, routines, rituals, roles), and psychological and social influences (values, beliefs and spirituality) on occupational performance.
  4. Identify the roles of the interprofessional care team and recognize various disciplines value in delivery of care.
  5. Develop comfort and skill in communicating with clients, caregivers and members of the care team.
  6. Demonstrate respect and appreciation for clients and populations with diverse backgrounds, including psychological and social factors that influence engagement in occupation.
  7. Identify the contribution of client-centered and occupation-based perspectives in assigned settings.
  8. Communicate relevant observations through oral and written means, incorporating professional terminology.
  9. Obtain or identify pertinent data from the practice setting to complete an occupational profile (of a selected client, group/population, or agency/organization).
  10. Demonstrate application of professional reasoning and reflection through occupational analysis of a selected case (client/patient, group/population, or agency/organization) to understand the influence of research evidence and delivery systems.

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