Pursuing her master of science in nursing degree

Why are you pursuing a graduate degree in the health professions?

“Progress with my passion for research and caregiving as well as my career as a health professional benefiting both myself and others.”

 What online prerequisite courses have you taken at the IHP?

"Microbiology - Lecture, Nutrition, Developmental Psychology, Introductory Statistics."  

Why did you choose to take your prerequisites at the IHP?

“I chose to take my prerequisites at the IHP because they offer fully accredited online courses easy to take no matter what your schedule and I always knew I wanted to take my next degree program there due to the IHP's ease with connecting with admissions and commitment to research and diversity.”  

What have you liked the most about your online prerequisite courses at the IHP?

“I have greatly appreciated the open and honest communications between myself and class members as well as instructors. It's been a unique experience sharing an online classroom with individuals from all over the world and being able to share professional experiences and assess our judgments together in an inclusive manner.”

What has been your favorite online prerequisite course?

"Microbiology , Nutrition,  and Developmental Psychology."

What advice would you give to someone considering taking their prerequisite courses online?

“Communicate with your instructor(s) if ever need be, they are amazing resources. Make sure to take leisure and active time for self to maintain well being. Having a healthy and support structure or schedule for yourself and those you live with is also very helpful, generally and particularly in pandemic times.”