Elevating Practice program graduate

Dr. Rimmel is an outpatient physical therapist. She studied Exercise Physiology and Physical Therapy at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. Following graduation, she completed her orthopedic residency at MGH Institute of Health Professions to specialize in orthopedic physical therapy. She recently completed a year-long public health fellowship to further develop her expertise in health inequity.

Currently, she works at The Brigham and Women's Health Center in Chestnut Hill, where she sees patients with a variety of health conditions including orthopedic, vestibular, and oncology management. She also conducts clinical research to better understand the extent of racial inequity in physical therapy care. She loves working together with her coworkers, interdisciplinary care team, and patients to find the most authentic, accessible types of movement for each person. She is particularly passionate about the care for the whole person and working to facilitate care beyond the clinic. She loves to run, play soccer, listen to music, cook, and is a huge Patriots fan!