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What year did you start the program? 

What are your prior degrees and at which institutions?
Bachelor of Science, Psychology, Quinnipiac University
Master of Occupational Therapy, Quinnipiac University

What was your favorite course in the program?
OH886 - Teaching and Learning in Health Professions and OH888: Quality Improvement and Program Evaluation in Health Professions

What was your Innovation Project title?
An Occupational Therapy Pilot Program to Improve Patient Satisfaction at End-of-Life in the Long-Term Acute Care Hospital Setting

Tell us about your Innovation Project.
My Innovation Project focuses on the importance of supporting patients in participating in meaningful activities despite being at the end of their lives in the hospital setting. As a new practitioner, I recognized how difficult it could be to talk to patients with serious illnesses or injuries, and I wanted to create resources that supported practitioners and their patients in defining what really mattered. The goal of my project was to increase patient’s satisfaction of care in the end-of-life stage by encouraging and supporting participation in meaningful activities.

What do you think is special about the Post-Professional OTD program here at the MGH Institute?
This PP-OTD program brought together a group full of strangers from different parts of the country and created an incredible network of OT practitioners, and ultimately, friends. Despite being a virtual program, I felt supported by professors, mentors, and classmates throughout the entire program. 

Why did you choose to come to this program?
I was introduced to this program through the MGB system and was impressed by the set-up of the program. I felt it was a perfect fit for me while I was working full-time in the hospital setting. When I learned about the program it was clear that I would continue my education while also creating a network for future opportunities. 

What are your goals for the future after you graduate?
After I graduate I plan to continue working in the long-term acute care setting, although I would also like to explore other opportunities such as teaching in labs, learning about other areas of practice, and continuing to expand my knowledge.