Dear IHP Community,

Over the last few days, we have all watched in horror as the war between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas has unfolded in the Middle East. As a community of caregivers, we condemn these acts of terrorism which are antithetical to what we believe about all human existence.

Watching this region in such distress has resulted in personal stress for so many in our community, one that recognizes and values each other as colleagues, deserving of mutual support and comfort. I know we will continue to provide that kind of support for those in our community impacted by these events.

I hope you got a chance to see Monday’s message to the MGB community and Tuesday’s message from David Brown and Marcela del Carmen; both recognize the impact of these events on our communities and the importance of providing support to each other at this difficult time. 

As an education community, I encourage you to continue to read, listen, and understand the complexities of this war between Israel and Hamas. While education is important, it does not diminish the impact of the brutality of war. For those of you affected by these events, the IHP has many resources to help, including the SAP and EAP services and support provided by both the JEDI Office and the Office of Student and Alumni Services. I encourage you to seek out necessary resources to address any issues you may be experiencing.  

With hope for peace,