Choosing a path in nursing is a significant decision, influenced by many factors including education quality, clinical opportunities, and personal aspirations. At the MGH Institute of Health Professions in, graduates from the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program share their reasons for selecting the IHP to pursue this challenging year of study, and how MGH helped their path in accelerated nursing.

Mackenzie Church, who transitioned from a high school teacher in North Carolina to nursing, reflects on her journey and the factors that led her to the MGH Institute. “I felt like I was going to be a part of a community rather than just another number, and that the MGH experience would be a bit more tailored to the individual student. And, I was right,” she confirms.  

"I've been doing clinicals at Mass General Hospital (MGH) since last January. It's been a consistent part of my education," Mackenzie shares. Her preceptorship at the Medical ICU was a pivotal experience. "It’s one thing to learn from books, but being one-on-one with a nurse at MGH, where cutting-edge research and practices are at your fingertips, transforms your learning experience. I see things going on at MGH that I haven't seen going on in other places."

Mackenzie praises the hands-on experiences and the quality of mentorship she received, in addition to the focus on diversity. "The ABSN program is intense, and you're always on the go, but the level of support from the faculty is something I haven’t seen in my previous degrees [Bachelor’s in History and Master’s in Teaching]. They really see you as an individual, not just a student number," she explains.

Julie Cavicchia, another ABSN graduate, echoes Mackenzie's sentiments about the benefits of studying at the MGH Institute. "Before the program, I wasn’t sure about specializing in critical care. But after my practicum in the ICU, I knew it was where I needed to be," Julie states. Her preceptorship on a medical-surgical ICU floor not only solidified her interest in critical care but also highlighted the supportive community at MGH.

For Julie, the affiliation with MGH played a crucial role in her decision. "MGH isn’t just a hospital; it’s a community that fosters learning and growth. Being part of that, even as a student, was incredibly enriching." The hands-on clinical experience starting from the first semester at the MGH Institute set it apart from other programs and reinforced her decision.

The MGH Institute’s approach to education, emphasizing early and frequent clinical exposure, prepares graduates like Mackenzie and Julie exceptionally well for their careers. "The program pushes you hard, but it ensures that you are well-prepared for the realities of nursing. It’s fast-paced, yes, but you finish knowing you’ve received one of the best educations possible," Julie adds.

Both graduates highlight the Institute's commitment to teaching not just the fundamentals of nursing but also the importance of understanding and catering to a diverse patient population. "The way the IHP professors incorporate inclusivity and up-to-date, evidence-based practices into the curriculum really prepares you to provide the best care for all patients," Mackenzie points out. “I was really impressed with the way that they were so inclusive with their teaching. They carve out space for making sure we understand the LGBTQ+ or minority communities. The way IHP professors speak is very inclusive. They're paving the way for what is the appropriate way to care for all kinds of people going forward." 

Moreover, the ongoing nursing shortage underscores the value of an education that not only equips students with the necessary skills but also integrates them into a professional network. "The job placement rate and the support we get in preparing for the NCLEX are just incredible," Julie notes, emphasizing the practical benefits of the program.

For anyone considering a career shift into nursing or advancing their nursing education, the experiences of these graduates underline the importance of choosing a program that offers both robust educational resources and a supportive professional environment. The MGH Institute of Health Professions, with its unique connection to one of the country's leading hospitals, offers just that—a blend of rigorous academic preparation and real-world application, making it a top choice for aspiring nurses.