NS521 Community Nursing Principles and Theories

Student Participants: Alyssa Arcieri, Lindsay Guittarr, Don Vu, Dao Le, Estelle Francois, and Lauren Misk 

We originally intended to educate our community surrounding nutrition but after a further in-depth needs assessment we determined that our clients required further education on proper hydration. Rogerson Communities have been experiencing an increase in dehydration resulting in sending the clients out to the hospital. We used the grant money to buy supplies such as lemons, limes, oranges, blueberries, cucumbers and mint in addition to cups, straws and tongs to allow the clients to practice creating a healthier hydration option such as infused water with natural flavoring and sweeteners. We also used the grant money to purchase trivia game prizes which we played with the clients following the infusion activity. The prizes included sports water bottles, Crystal Lite packets and Polar Seltzer water.

The result of the health promotion program was positive and successful. The clients exhibited an increase in knowledge surrounding proper hydration, healthier hydration options, signs and symptoms of dehydration and signs of having adequate hydration. They gave positive feedback stating that they liked the infusions and were able to practice it at home. The staff at Rogerson were also pleased with the activity and possibly plan to implement it into their activity planning in the future.