Saturday is Veterans Day – a time to reflect on the brave individuals who have protected the ideals, democracy, and security of this country.

You may know that this day began in 1918 as Armistice Day to mark the end of World War I - on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. In 1954, Armistice Day was renamed Veterans Day to include all veterans in all wars.

IHP students, faculty, staff, and alumni are among the millions of Americans who have volunteered as members of the United States Uniformed Services. On this occasion, I want to recognize their service, sacrifice, and courage and thank them for their role in protecting our democracy. Without those who have fought for our country, we couldn’t enjoy the freedoms we have today.

Some of our veterans leave the military and go on to lead normal lives, but others aren’t as fortunate, as the scars of war have left them impaired physically, psychologically, or both. As a healthcare community, we need to always keep them in mind and work to get them the help they need.

There are several ways you can mark Veterans Day:

And if you see a veteran, like someone on the list below, say “Thank you for your service.” They have earned that recognition, and so much more.

With admiration and thanks to our IHP veterans,



MGH Institute of Health Professions Veterans



David Becker, Term Lecturer, School of Nursing

Joshua Hartzell, Term Lecturer, Health Professions Education



Benedicta Ayikpah, MS-NU ’24

Michael Barbieri, BSN ’24

Michele Camara, DNP ’24

Jack Carr, DPT ’24

Gabriel Carroll, PAS ’25

Stephen Grist, PhD-RS ’24

Kirby Impoinvil, DPT ’25

Hanna Lashmett, PAS ’25

Flor Lopez, MS-NU ’25

David MacDonald, DNP ’25

Benjamin Pariser, MS-NU ’26

Dagoberto Salinas, MS-HPEd ’25

*This list includes members of the MGH Institute community who have self-identified as U.S. veterans. If you are a U.S. veteran and would like to be included in this recognition, please let the Office of Strategic Communications know.