IHP graduates proud of their achievements, excited about the future

Cheers, tears, laughter and relief – just some of the emotions cascading from the Recessional Tunnel as IHP graduates made their way past faculty and Institute leaders today, signifying the official end of the Institute’s 43rd Commencement ceremonies and for most, the final stop of their IHP educational journey.

“I think it's really exciting to finally get out into the workforce,” said Nathan Xu, who graduated with his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and will work at an assisted living center in Cleveland. “I feel like we spent our entire education talking about patient-centered care and it's very exciting to finally get to a point where we can actually work with patients and treat them to the best of our abilities.”

Xu and fellow doctoral student Andrew Marzan began their program just two months after the pandemic began, and fittingly graduated on the day the country lifted the Covid-19 public health emergency. 

“Our program initially started online, which is which was wildly different from the cohort after us,” said Marzan. “They all got to socialize immediately off the bat versus our first day of class which was seeing everybody on computer screens with Zoom."

Three years later, Marzan has a degree and a job at Brigham and Women’s hospital as an inpatient therapist. 

"Just feeling it all at once,” said Marzan. “It's kind of hard to put into words, but overall, I’m really excited.”

He was far from alone. On this day, nearly 600 graduates felt the same – excitement about the future, pride about their accomplishments at the IHP.