Mental health counseling is just one of many services offered by Mass General Brigham's Employee Assistance Program

Most people associate Mass General Brigham’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with mental health. And while that’s a vital component, the EAP extends far beyond that.

"Understanding that life presents various obstacles is our goal  to ensure every employee feels equipped and empowered to navigate them successfully,” said EAP Director Allison Lilly.

In addition to counseling, the program provides a broad spectrum of work-life resources aimed at enhancing overall employee well-being by offering  comprehensive assistance to employees that address  a wide array of challenges they may encounter. Lilly emphasizes that the EAP program is not merely a service but a cornerstone of support for a variety of life issues.

Central to its role is providing free, voluntary, and confidential assistance to employees facing issues that impact their quality of life, both inside and outside the IHP. While the program is widely recognized for its mental health services, the broad spectrum of work-life resources tailored to individual needs such as financial services and family care.

"We're here to offer personalized support to employees, through one-on-one counseling for personal or workplace concerns," explained Lilly. "No matter the issue, our team is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment for assessment, counseling, and referrals."

In addition to individual and work-group support, the program extends its services to managers, offering consultation and interventions to build and maintain a positive and inclusive work environment.

"We aim to support employees in all aspects of their lives," says Lisa Staffiere, Senior EAP Consultant. "We recognize that well-being encompasses various dimensions, including caregiving responsibilities, family dynamics, and societal issues like intimate partner violence and eldercare."

To meet the unique needs of its diverse workforce, specialized services such as childcare, eldercare and employee lactation services are offered.

Comprehensive training programs and webinars, created to enhance accessibility in the post-pandemic era, have provided ample opportunities for education on vital topics such as well-being, mental health, diversity, equity, and inclusion for MGB faculty, staff, and MGH Institute of Health Professions students.

"We have eight offices spread across Massachusetts and one in New Hampshire, ensuring that support is within reach no matter where our employees are,” said Staffiere. “Plus, with the option for Zoom sessions, there are even fewer obstacles to getting the support our employees need."

Through short-term counseling, referrals to community resources, and manager services, the program enables individuals to navigate complex issues effectively.

"We're committed to equipping employees with valuable skills and knowledge to address both immediate concerns and ongoing challenges," Lilly noted. "Our goal is to create a workplace where every employee feels heard, supported, and valued."

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