Dr. Maria Bajwa is looking to increase the use of simulation education in Pakistan.

During a recent visit to the country, the Health Professions Education (HPEd) term lecturer visited several prestigious healthcare institutions where she held eight sessions and workshops on how to effectively utilize simulation in low-resource settings. It included going to the capital of Islamabad and the port city of Karachi as well as visiting the country’s interior rural areas.

She also translated the Simulationist Code of Ethics into Urdu, as she noted not everyone Pakistan is well-versed in English.

“This is a great tool that is not well utilized in low- to middle-income countries like Pakistan,” said Bajwa, who earned her PhD in HPEd from the Institute in 2023. “It was an immensely rewarding experience to promote collaboration and awareness in healthcare education fields using simulation.”

While there, she was featured in several regional and national newspapers. She plans to have follow-up contacts in the coming months.